We’ve been providing software engineering and product development services for over 15 years.
We wield an extensive collection of industry-leading tools and standards-based technologies, including Java, .Net, and Open Source Software. Our expertise in desktop software, mobile applications, and business solutions extends the range of your network across enterprises, wireless networks, kiosks, and digital consumer devices.


GAV Networks has proven skill in harnessing divergent business activities under the role of a unified and predictable development process, including coordination and assimilation of market research, software and hardware requirements specification, human resources and staffing, intellectual property, pricing and budgeting, risk management, and customer support.


We deliver software engineering services from concept to maintenance in conjunction with marketing requirements, technical resources, and executive vision. We have experience in all aspects of the software development life cycle, including requirements analysis, architectural description, design practices, testing and validation, project and process management, and technical documentation.


THE MOTIVE Product design, software development, and project management for IP video company.

THE METHODS LAMP-based application server with server, storage, and device management; role-based access control; AJAX components; and native audio/video decoders.

THE MEANING Company was acquired by Cisco Systems and product integrated into global line.

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THE MOTIVE Web-based manager of marketing communications for biotechnology pipeline development.

THE METHODS Built with Java, Struts, XML, and SQL. Deployed on clustered Websphere, Oracle, and Solaris.

THE MEANING Precise upstream specs and architecture with an agile team assured a low-risk deployment amid regulations and policies.

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