We specialize in creating standards-based websites that blend human-centered architecture with beautiful design. Custom coding includes: ecommerce, data-driven applications, streaming media, web conferencing, search engine optimization, and interactive features, such as tags, blogs, podcasts, and feeds. All sites are backed by our hosting packages, featuring real-time monitoring, hardened security, and redundant Tier 1 connectivity.


Designing with web standards leads to reduced costs, decreased development time, and greater accessibility. From design to integration, we are experts in W3C, XHTML, CSS, 508, WAI, and P3P standards.


When designing a user experience, we create an interaction model that positively impacts all aspects of the user’s concept of the system: how it is perceived, how it is learned, and how it is used. A website designed with your users’ psychology and physiology in mind takes less time to perform a task, is easier to learn, and more satisfying to use.


The usability of human-facing systems, and the standards compliance of internal ones, is paramount. GAV Networks will understand your specific business and user requirements to shape your system’s information around the needs and capabilities of your intended audience.

Our modeling technique is designed for a high level of re-use, with the goal of simple content deployment to any media type, including online, print, television, and marketing collateral. User-centered design requires simplifying the structure of tasks, making things visible, exploiting the powers of constraint, and designing for error.


THE MOTIVE Intranet site redesign featuring workflow analysis, standard templates, and training — Kiosk featuring real-time surveys, remote admin, and portal integration.

THE METHODS HTML, CSS, ASP, JavaScript on IIS — XHTML, CSS, AJAX, Ruby on Rails on lighttpd.

THE MEANING Simplified workflow reduced call center response time which improved customer sales and reviews.

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THE MOTIVE Complete design and national rebranding initiative for a restaurant chain.

THE METHODS XHTML, CSS, AJAX, PHP, and SQL on a LAMP-based clustered hosting package.

THE MEANING Promo Integration + National Location Finder + Streaming Media Ads × Top Search Engine Rankings = Conversion & Traffic Boom

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